All of our trainings are inclusive, engaging and based on adult learning principles. We will provide exceptional service and help you customize your organizational learning needs upon request.

At iexpressions, we offer the following services:

  • Uncovering unconscious bias
  • Leading diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces

  • Bias-free recruiting
  • Advantage of resilience and wellness

Uncovering Unconscious Bias and Leading Inclusively

In this workshop, you’ll discover practical tools to create more diverse and inclusive workspaces where everyone can feel a sense of belonging.  You’ll also explore the role of perceptions and how you can interrupt and uncover common workplace biases.  Lastly, you’ll examine the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS) and develop and intercultural mindset and an action plan to help you to overcome challenges and meet your intercultural goals.

Key Topics

  • Explore the role of perceptions, values, beliefs and behaviors
  • Discuss the difference between culture, diversity, equity, unconscious bias and belonging
  • Cultural Humility – Exploring the values of culture, the role of curiosity and empathy
  • Examine the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS)
  • Apply decoding tools to uncover unconscious bias (eg bias-aware recruitment)
  • Identify best practices to increase self-awareness and avoid micro-inequities
  • Develop an action plan
  • Pre-workshop option: Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Assessment with debriefing session (individual, leadership and group reports are available).  
Please contact us for further information.

Resilience and Wellbeing Advantage

Resilience and Wellbeing Matter.  The research is clear that individuals who are resilient and prioritize their wellbeing adapt better to organizational change and transition and can better support their teams and colleagues.  Furthermore, they make more skillful decisions as a result of increased self-awareness and mental clarity and toughness.

In this mastery session, you will learn about key factors that can help you to better work through uncertainty, gain perspective and focus. A resilience focus aligned with a wellbeing lens can help us to better identify future risks and possibilities.  Lastly, you will apply the tools of neuroscience and explore strategies to better manage you physical, mental and emotional wellbeing towards sustaining a higher level of personal and professional performance.

Key Topics

  • Strengthen your resilience and wellbeing by increasing your self-awareness, mental clarity and focus
  • Examine resilience and wellbeing factors for stress management and adapting to change
  • Apply evidence-based resilience and wellbeing practices
  • Apply the practical tools of neuroscience to improve your performance
  • Explore strategies to better manage physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
Please contact us for further information.


Let us customize your Workshops | Modules | Coaching by including any of the following science-backed assessment tools that we are Qualified Administrators for:

  • Strengthen your Emotional Intelligence with our EQ-I 2.0 Workplace Assessment, EQ-I 2.0 Leadership and our EQ 360 Assessments
  • Turn conflict into collaboration and learn about your conflict style using the Conflict Style Inventory
  • Assess your intercultural competencies using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

We also invite you to include your real-life scenarios, cases and situations to make your training more relevant and purposeful. Many of our clients also find that including team and/or individual leadership coaching brings great value added to their training.

Please contact us for further information.

Bilingual format was GREAT! Natural and in the spirit of duality:)


This topic is very timely as well as interesting as we look to broaden both our own understanding as well as the culture of our workforce in this space.


I would recommend this session to my colleagues and I liked the resource list she handed out a lot.


Karima has facilitated intercultural effectiveness/effective communication workshops for OCISO employees and mentors. She brings a depth of knowledge and enthusiasm to her work. Karima can read an audience very well and adjust to individual needs while delivering the content beautifully.

Leslie Emory
Executive Director

The response to Karima’s cultural sensitivity workshop to the Queensway Carleton Hospital Leadership Team was amazing! Judy Brown

Judy Brown
Queensway Carleton Hospital

Learners were left highly motivated and engaged in Karima’s workshops that flowed beautifully!

Diana Simkhovych
National Judicial Institute

At the SAIT School of Business, Karima was excellent to work with, quality input to our SMEs, a good editing eye and always timely and friendly to work with.

Robert DeRocco

Karima delivers valuable information in an inspiring and captivating manner. She's an excellent bilingual speaker and her passion for the subject matter (culture, hidden bias, inclusive leadership) is infectious!

Lilia Tombetti
Director General, Human Resources

Karima’s presentation enhanced our awareness of diversity, inclusion and best practices to uncover unconscious biases in the workplace. She is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker!

Presentation Feedback
Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall LLP/s.r.l.

Overall, really informative, Karima was a fantastic speaker and it helped me understand my personal bias.


From the moment she introduced herself, we were captivated by her enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and ability to connect with everyone - no small task considering we were well over 100 people.

Robert Dunlop
Assistant Deputy Minister

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