Leadership Coaching

Release your inner leader.

Personal Coaching

Let us help you to better manage change, turn conflict into collaboration and thrive during career transitions, as you gain key competencies valued in the workplace today. We also offer diversity and cultural sensitivity coaching.

We’ll help you to create a customized program that focuses on the cognitive (head), affective (heart) and somatic (body) domains. As a result, you’ll strengthen your relationships and improve your problem-solving skills by tackling real issues at your workplace. You’ll also increase your confidence, bring greater value and grow in your organization.

Action Learning | Circle or Peer Coaching Program

Let us help you discover key skills from the coach’s toolkit so that you can strengthen key competencies, improve your problem-solving skills and strengthen your relationships. Our peer coaching program offers a unique opportunity to learn from each other so that you can sustain behavioral change. Our program is influenced by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea’s terrific work in The Circle Way, A Leader in Every Chair.

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