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SAIT Polytechnic

At the SAIT School of Business, Karima was excellent to work with, quality input to our SMEs, a good editing eye and always timely and friendly to work with.

Robert DeRocco

March 2018 EX TownHall

Outsmarting Our Brains: Hidden Bias Keynote: Feedback from CFIA Executives at March 2018 EX TownHall

"Overall, really informative, Karima was a fantastic speaker and it helped me understand my personal bias."

"I would recommend this session to my colleagues and I liked the resource list she handed out a lot."

"This topic is very timely as well as interesting as we look to broaden both our own understanding as well as the culture of our workforce in this space."

"Bilingual format was GREAT! Natural and in the spirit of duality:)"

National Judicial Institute

Learners were left highly motivated and engaged in Karima’s workshops that flowed beautifully!

Diana Simkhovych

Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO)

Karima has facilitated intercultural effectiveness/effective communication workshops for OCISO employees and mentors. She brings a depth of knowledge and enthusiasm to her work. Karima can read an audience very well and adjust to individual needs while delivering the content beautifully.

Leslie Emory

Queensway Carleton Hospital

The response to Karima’s cultural sensitivity workshop to the Queensway Carleton Hospital Leadership Team was amazing!

Judy Brown