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Photo Gallery

Karima Kara 1
Liliana Gutierrez, National Managers Program CSPS
Karima Kara 2
National Managers Event
Karima Kara 3
Leslie Emory, Executive Director, Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization and Olga Shirabon, Federal Internship Newcomer Program
Karima Kara 4
Mental Health Commission of Canada Action Table
Karima Kara 5
Tracey Clark, Bridgehead
Karima Kara 6
Maryam Monsef, Minister of Status of Women Canada Event, Global Centre for Pluralism
Karima Kara 7
Global Affairs Canada Pre-Posting Workshop facilitation
Karima Kara 8
Guy Laflamme, Niger, Courage and Dignity Event
Karima 9
Strength in Unity Workstop Facilitation
Karima 10
Strength in Unity, National Knowledge Translation Forum, Mental Health and Illness Concerns in Immigrant, Refugee and Ethnocultural and Racialized - IRER - Populations in Canada Workstop Facilitation
Karima 11
Willis College, Lion's Den 2017 Event
Karima 12
World Skills 20th Anniversary Celebration
Karima Kara 13
Hire Immigrant Ottawa (HIO) Standing up For Inclusion Event
Karima Kara 14
International Coach Federation (ICF) Conference with Michael Bungay Stanier, The Coaching Habit and Dr. Isabelle St.Pierre
Karima Kara 15
Presented Bilingual Keynote for All Staff Meeting on Interrupting Hidden Bias and Leading Inclusively. Marie-Claude Pelletier, Director General, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)
Karima Kara 16
ICF Toronto, Journey to Mastery Event Robert Keegan on Immunity to Change
Crtc Bias Presentation
Presented Bilingual Keynote for CRTC on Culture, Hidden Bias and Leading Inclusively